Voyagers can go in Bhutan with medium-sized transports (20-22 seats), little transports (8-12 situates) or employed autos. Street widths don’t allow bigger transports.

Special (travel) permits. 

In the event that you wish to travel to places other than Thimphu and Paro (allow free zone), you should acquire travel permits from the migration office in Thimphu (323127/F-321078.), for the visitors visiting Bhutan through our neighborhood Visit Administrators the course allows are issued with the visa.

Getting your own vehicle

Indian guests can get their own vehicles. For the passage of the outside autos, the Street Security and Transport Expert (RSTA): should embrace the reports. Be that as it may, we emphatically suggest that you utilize our autos and the administrations of the nearby drivers as the restricted and twisting streets in Bhutan may represent a test for you.

Vacationers can book a bundle occasion to Bhutan through both Worldwide and Bhutanese local tour operators. Information is accessible from teavel agents.

The Royal Government of Bhutan sets minimum selling prices for packages to Bhutan and this must be paid in US dollars prior to arrival in Bhutan.

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